Wednesday, December 05, 2007

welcome to the jungle

today was a good day. i checked the sky this morning and it looked clear--a day of bright sun would be wonderful for our schedule. arriving at the beach, we were met with winds that caused me to wonder how much more devastating are the sandstorms of arabia. brian and i searched for usable spots to shoot away from the windswept beach, and we ended up doing our entire day like that; almost nothing we shot was scheduled today, but we still got a lot of shots completed. we found a a beautiful spot where the light was breaking through with morning mist still in the air. by the time we had the dolly and track set up, the light had moved some and the mist was dissipating, but we got the shot and it looked very good. i've found i much prefer shooting in the jungle to the brushlands of utah; there are no dry and prickly plants and weeds; it's lush and green and moist and the air is rich.
we kept a good morale among the crew [with this group, that's not too hard], and the shots looked good. i had a whole post planned about ponderances of being a cinematographer, but i'm so incredibly tired. another time, perhaps.
how is it that we have 11 hours of available light yet i still feel like there is so little free time?
how is it that i'm tromping through the jungle in shorts and sandals [granted, today really should have been shoes and socks day; those sandals are at their best on the wet sandy beach] while my computer tells me it is 3 degrees in minnesota right now? it's like being in a time warp.
how is it that the weather can change so incredibly fast here. if we don't have the right kind of light for a shot, we literally wait five minutes and we have what we need. of course, then we
have to shoot fast....

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Em said...

Wow that sounds intense....
of course now when I imagine doing anything I always include trying to keep track of a toddler on top of it.... which skews my perspective a bit I think.