Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the annual muppet party

tonight's annual 'muppet's Christmas carol and egg nog' party was a huge success. we're getting better at making egg nog [having an electric mixer to whip the egg whites certainly helps] and the turnout was great. we sang along to the songs as best we could, laughed when we wanted to, and there were warm-fuzzies all around.
tonight i noticed just how good of a movie it is. the fun of the muppets is certainly part of it, but it's a solid-made movie at its core.

as we were sitting around the room and talking afterward, jaime reached down into our couch and pulled out mark's missing camera cable. then she pulled out a shoehorn. 'my shoehorn!' i shouted. and then jack reached in and said 'hey, a rolling pin!'
and, sure enough, he pulled out a rolling pin.


Natalie said...

Yes, that was some awesome nog, and a great party...even if I did fall asleep. You forgot Mark's "I wonder if my knife is down there.... Hey! There it is!"

-->jeff * said...

i knew i'd forgotten something.

Tim said...

I've been telling you for years that movie is great; glad to see your finally coming around to it.

Next: Muppet Treasure Island! (not as good, but fun)