Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas day

i was a little curious what today would be like. becky and brady won't get here until friday, and after much discussion we settled on the plan to open some presents now and save a few for when they join us. becky was absent for two Christmases while she was in brazil, so it wasn't horrible that she wasn't here. plus, she would be here in a few days, along with her husband. and thus we kind of had Christmas, and that went quite well. we all got some cool presents, with mom's new bathroom scale being the toy that everyone wanted to play with, and had a good lunch. incidentally, our dishwasher broke yesterday, meaning that mom and i will be appliance shopping tomorrow and that today tim and i did the dishes by hand, which inevitably led to a dishtowel fight. the sad end to this story is that despite me being better skilled with the weapon of choice, he got a really good, stinging hit on me.

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