Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the suite life

due to scheduling changes that we knew of when we got here, we changed houses today. we're now down at the other end of the street. still a nice house, though a little smaller, and a little light on the rooms.
once again, paul and i were here first, and once again, we nobly offered to share a room, so we got the biggest room, the master room. beautiful attached bathroom, wonderful shower, two sinks. and one bed.
very large, but just one. i like paul and have no worries about him [well, apart from the sleepwalking, and that fear has subsided some with each passing day], but its still, well, kind of weird. we'll each hug to our own side, and he suggested one of us sleeping on top of the sheet, so there's no possibility of bumping one another.

the aforementioned spacious bathroom has a stylish shower that eschews the traditional curtain in favor of a deep, three-sided stone and glass area. i love the design, but, as we soon discovered walking through the room, the two mirrors across from one another over the sinks are in such a way that you can fully see into the shower from the room's main door. so there will be definite notifications when the room is in use.

mostly, i think what's bothering me is ryan's referring to our room as 'the bridal suite.'

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