Monday, December 03, 2007

the somnambulist

ok, this will be told rashomon style, because no one really knows what happened.

mary's story: "i was asleep upstairs when i heard this screaming coming from down below. i'm thinking, 'oh great, it's the first night and they're already fighting'. i came down to find jeff at the his door, telling me everything's fine and to go back to sleep."

paul's story: "i had this dream that i was looking for something and the next thing i know, jeff is screaming at me and i'm screaming back. it really freaked me out."

my story: i had gone to bed around 10, very tired after that long day of shooting and travel. i remember being awoken by the sound of my screaming more than i remember actually screaming. but i remember it being not just a startled yell or a cry, but a full-on life-in-mortal-peril janet leigh scream. a dark mass that was my roommate was in front of me. 'paul? paul!' i asked, and his response was one of confusion. 'are you alright?' 'yeah. what happened?' neither of us were really sure, but i could hear mary coming down to check on what had happened. i assured her there were no injuries or alien abductors. as i went back into the room, paul was already asleep again. i, on the other hand, still had adrenaline coursing through me and that post-nightmare mentality, where, despite the obvious absence of any sort of danger, the psychological vestiges of terror linger firmly. i laid in bed for another 30 minutes, afraid to take my eyes off the bed across from me.

this did give us a very good story to share on set today. surprisingly, no one else in the house heard us.

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