Sunday, December 23, 2007

12 days of Christmas at 30,000'

seven years ago i was on a plane back to minnesota after having been in japan for two years. i forget if we were flying from l.a. or san fransisco, but the plane was en route to chicago if i remember right. [it was a stormy Christmas season; i ended up spending the night in minneapolis, where my mom coincidentally was, while my family and friends had gathered at the fargo airport]. somewhere over the states between california and chicago, the captain came over the intercom and wished us a happy holidays and announced a game: whoever could be the first to name the twelve days of Christmas would receive a special prize. the engaged couple next to me started working on it while i began to recall the old disney Christmas record we listened to for so many years. i must have been doing something odd, because they turned and asked me if a had it. i said i think so and they called the flight attendance over. i began with the twelve drummers drumming and eleven pipers piping, and by the time i reached the six geese a-laying, people started to clap for me.
i was awarded with a bottle of champagne, which provided a nice final missionary opportunity as i gave it to the couple next to me and explained why i didn't want it.

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