Monday, December 17, 2007

o juno, where art thou?

the number one movie i want to see this year is 'juno'. i read about it when it was at the toronto film festival a few months ago, saw the preview for it before 'dan in real life' [which is also worth a look] and knew right then and there that i needed to see it. and, today, as mark and i are looking for a movie to see, i find that 'juno' is playing NOWHERE in utah... GAH!
nevertheless, 'alvin and the chipmunks' is in every theater from salt lake to spanish fork.

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~Bekahjo said...

I saw it. It's pretty great. Basically hilarious, actually. You'll never be able to look at orange flavored tic-tacs in the grocery store without thinking "I should buy 100 of those and put them in someone's mailbox just for fun" again. =]