Monday, November 07, 2011

sense and sensibility

my sister...
i feel like i'm standing on the edge.

for most of the big decisions of my life, i've chose safety, reason, and wisdom.  and that's great, but i want to shift a little.
i'm not trying to change who i am.
not at all.
i think i'm bloody awesome (pardon, leithal).
but i feel like a photograph that just needs some color correction.  i want to shift the mid tones, tweak the highlights, touch up the shadows, adjust the color temp, and see what i can do in the curves editor.  to bring out the information that's really in the image.

sometimes i really wish i could turn my brain down to medium low and just live without thinking so much.
or else utilize my whole brain, like that guy in that movie "powder."


kwistin said...

this really made sense to me. and only after i read it, did i really realize you used an analogy.

and yes. the information is already in the image. it's there all along.


The Former 786 said...

Are you saying that you're going to start airbrushing all of your photos on this blog now? Also, I just got the movie "Limitless" from Netflix, I'll let you know how drug-induced brain amplification goes.