Saturday, November 12, 2011

november rain

i spent the majority of my day working on some hdr photography, the one assignment for my programming class that doesn't actually require programming.
when i unexpectedly had a few hours free at the end, i decided to head out and try the technique with the carnival that had once again taken up residence across from my old apartment.
i rather love carnivals and got invited to go on tuesday but couldn't afford the time away from school and you can't go with just anyone, anyway.

the shots didn't turn out as cool as i was hoping, but i still like them.

hdr stands for "high dynamic range" and the basic concept is that you take several photograph of varied exposure, so that you've captured detail in everything from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights.  in the two shots above, i took five shots of each.  then you process them all together into one image that has a tone of information in it.  from there, you can tweak and play with it as you like.

jess and i did a handful in downtown bryan a few nights ago.  i think this image consisted of ten different exposures.  it was my last set i processed, so i decided to throw caution out the window and really crank the levels (i would have gone to 11 if it had been an option.)
as usually happens when i do anything with reckless abandon, it's my favorite.


Anonymous said...

oh man.. another jess.
i like the pictures though


Leith said...

With you Jefferson, everything has an 11. Cool shots.

The Former 786 said...

Very nice. I would like to blow that last one up and make it a poster in my office cubicle. I think it would help inspire creativity.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE that last picture!! Wow!


kwistin said...

i am not one bit surprised that yours were, i'm sure by FAR, the best in the class. at least, that would be my unbiased opinion. ;)

i'd be very interested in seeing the shots that these were composited from (and the program that you used).

those first two were pretty rad, but that last one....woah dang. did you use any filter on the lens? cuz it looks very fisheye lens-esque. or is it just the angle throwing it off, with the foreground curved architecture?? i'mma say fisheye on this one (in which case, can you bring it to utah?) :D oh man. too awesome.

we'll most definitely be playing with this when you get here.