Thursday, November 10, 2011

name that tune

i picked up an album by the black keys from this month's round of $5 albums off amazon's mp3 store (they've also got she+him's Christmas album....)  i'd heard of them and knew they were supposedly cool but that was about it.  from my brief listen, they remind me a lot of the white stripes.  certainly worth $5, anyway.  so, there you go.

anyway, i was listening at work a few days ago and a one of their songs really reminded me of another song, but i couldn't think of what it was.  i knew it was a song i had heard recently, but i couldn't place where.  i could vaguely recall just enough of the song to know i wasn't imaging it and i knew it was a live recording with audience in the background.  it was a sort of jam session, where the band would play a groove and there was a really great guitar that would finish to the applause of the crowd.  it sounded like an older song, and since i'd been buying mostly new music recently, i was afraid i'd heard it on the oldies station here, which meant i probably wasn't going to stumble across it anytime soon (at least, i was pretty sure it wasn't coldplay....)  it stuck with me through the week, barely expanding to anything more than a few muddled bars, but enough for me to know that i had heard it.  the best i could think of was that it kind of sounded like this, but i hadn't heard that song in years.  it was like having a piece of food stuck in my teeth that i just couldn't get out. thankfully, no one could see into my ear canal, this stray music wedged in there.

so tonight jess and i were heading to downtown bryan to shoot some hdr photography for our programming class (mutually agreed as the best assignment in the class since it doesn't actually involve programming--more on that later)  i was listening to the oldies station, since i figured she didn't want to listen to my general conference cds and, despite what the classic rock stations seem to think, i like things other than pink floyd.
we were somewhere between here or these when "seasons of love" came on by the zombies.

and that's when i realized.

no, the song stuck in my head wasn't "seasons of love", but it was a track off of that same album, which i had been listening to for a few days a week or two earlier.  i didn't know the name of the song, but i knew that was where it came from.  it was like finally scratching the itch.

for the record, the song is "she loves the way they love her."  it's the best song on a solid album that you should be listening to anyway.  i've listened to it five or six times this evening.

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The Former 786 said...

GAH! I hate it when that happens to me, and it happens more often than I'd like. A little while back, a song reminded me of another song, but I couldn't put my finger on what song it was. I tried and tried to figure it out, but just got frustrated by the nine notes that I could vaguely place. And it's not like you can look this type of thing up on the internet and I couldn't sing it well enough for anyone around me to figure it out.

So I gave up.

I let my mind rest and then, lo and behold it came to me shortly after: Nine Bowls of Soup by TMBG.