Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 days

hey, check me out.
i posted for thirty days straight, every day for a full month.

it's been kind of a hassle, especially for such a frivolous goal.  life is particularly busy right now, and i'd often be posting late at night, pre-dating the post a few hours to make sure it made it up that day (i was still up, so i think it still counted at that day.)  and i'd feel bad that some of these posts were short and quick and kind of insubstantial (actually, looking back over them, i think the quality standard is about where it usually is, whatever that means to you), until some faithful reader would check my blog only periodically and be overwhelmed at how much reading there was to get caught up on.

so, yeah, a lot of work for me and a lot of work for you.

i'll try to post regularly, just not every dang single day.
and i'll use that free time for setting and working towards productive goals.

thank you for reading.


Em said...

I guess I fall into the polar category of people who check their reader so often that I almost didn't notice that the posts were coming more frequently than possible. I really liked them though.... but I'm only managing to post about twice a week right now so I understand how every day might do one in.

The Former 786 said...

If that "faithful reader" comment would have had an embedded hyperlink leading to an awkward family photo, I would have been 100% sure you were referring to me.

As of now, I'm only 75% sure.

Also, here's to frivolous goals! I've had a number of those in my life and they're always strangely fulfilling.