Wednesday, June 22, 2011

fast food

that's actually looking rather
tasty right now....
listening to elder holland's most recent general conference talk today on my way to and from school (and there and back again), i was reminded of something my m.t.c. branch president once told us.

he was one of the most impressive men i've ever known and learned some very significant things from him in only a few weeks.  speaking of the false messages portrayed in advertising, he turned to one of the missionaries and asked, "why do you you think 'you deserve to have it your way'?"
then, looking at another elder, he said "and what have you done that makes you think 'you deserve a break today'?"

i'm all about a balance of recreation and play and of just enjoying things (if you didn't know that about me, this is probably your first time here on this blog and you probably ended up there through a google search for lyrics to a cake song), but i like being reminded of that, of the nobility of genuine hard work.

and if you did end up here by mistake, take a few moments to read that talk before you go.  you'll be glad you did.
in fact, the rest of you regulars and lurkers would do well to do so, too.

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The Former 786 said...

I just gave a lesson on this talk in church today. Great stuff. I'm lovin' it!