Friday, June 17, 2011


we've spent the week learning about film language and all that goes into composing effective shots, things that are at the heart of film making.  the kind of things that i just love, even if i'm very far from mastering them.  and so, when brandon and i were talking about watching a movie tonight, i suggested something great, like night of the hunter, or even chungking express or the like.  he said he was little overwhelmed from the week, sitting through lectures on cinematic Art (and brandon's a criterion geek like me, not some wimp at their first movie night...)

and so we watched uhf.
and laughed all the way through.
it felt great.

even though i've posted it before, i'm posting this again, because it's one of my favorite moments in any movie (you hear that, bergman?)


Jaime said...

so, i often quote "troop beverly hills" and say "we dont need no stinking badges" (it's a girl scout movie) and people often think i'm quoting something else. seeing your badgers sign makes it all click together now... ha

The Former 786 said...

UHF is one of those movies that I can watch any time and it will lift me up and make me happy - to me, that is what makes a quality film.