Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a friend

so it's late and i'm trying to think of something quick to post instead of what i originally had planned.  and i realized that, in the time i would spend digging through iphoto to find some quick and cute photograph to slap up here with a simple caption, i could probably write what i was originally going to.

a few weeks ago, a friend told me, "jeff, you really have a gift for X."
and i thought about that the next day.  to me, i wasn't doing anything special, i was just doing things the way i thought they should be done.  it wasn't that i had studied it or set a goal to get better at it, i just did the obvious.
and, in some ways, i guess that what's a gift is; a talent or attribute that just comes naturally to someone.  whether it's an eye for photography or dancing or whatever it be, we all have things that just come easily to us.

as i was thinking about what my friend said, and that i didn't really say "i want to be great at X", i think that maybe it was something i wanted to be better and that i have worked at it, but that it became such a part of me that i didn't think about it after a while.

it can be easy to forget that even though something is simple for one person does not make it so clear and easy for others.  that it's important to be patient, to remember that it does take more work them, that the answers and solutions aren't always as readily apparent.

and, reflecting back on my day today, designing shader networks to make computer graphics look realistic is not one of my inherent understandings.
thankfully, tomorrow i'll be animating, which i'm less-bad at.

even if it didn't come off as arrogant or cheesy, i think this thought was better as a thought than as a blog post....

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Em said...

I'm following you. I've been able to notice other people's gifts that I did not have.... and having seen people struggle with things that seem obvious to me..... I get the reverse too. Just one more reason that you can learn from every person you encounter if you remember to....