Monday, April 25, 2011

zombies of narnia

i'm standing just off to the right...
i walked into the fargo ward church just as prince caspian was rounding the corner.  we acknowledged each other and he continued his patrol.  i walked into the cultural hall where different members of the royal family were seated in thrones around the room.  kind peter was off in one corner, pacing and preparing for the impending battle.  i went to a throne in the back left corner of the room, where sat a girl who had the gift of foresight.  she was essentially autistic and so no one really paid attention to her, despite her ability to foresee the future.

and so, when she began to say that zombies were coming, no one but me paid any attention.  i was just thinking that i should've brought my zombie sword in from the car, and ran to get it.

but i was too late.  already, legions of yellow, swollen spongy skinned undead were at the doors outside the cultural hall.  i pushed through them and ran to the doors leading to the parking lot.  more zombies were outside, although they looked much more like people with good black and white halloween makeup.

thankfully, i made it to my car and grabbed my zombie killing sword and spent the rest of the night battling the evil creatures alongside king peter.

needless to say, this was one of those dreams i didn't want to wake up from.  : )


Em said...

I miss sleeping for long enough stretches to have vivid dreams. It's been a long while.

The Former 786 said...

You had me at "Zombies of Narnia." I'm already writing the screenplay.

Leith said...

Now thats a dream where you wish for the sequels.