Friday, April 01, 2011

"once i fell in love"

this is my friend emily.  i used to hometeach her.  she loves cats and disney channel movies.  we've gone to the planetarium, had an easter egg hunt, have enjoyed thai food, smash burgers and almost every place we could find to eat along state street in orem.  she has good taste in movies, goes to the opera and symphony with her family, and loves to read.  she knows the world of harry potter inside and out, was a part of the hpbc, and is in love with ron weasley (as well as fred and george....)
and she pretty much defines the word "adorable" as far as i'm concerned.

she can also draw.
i knew she could do cute doodles; she once drew me a "hometeacher cat" (complete with bowtie) that i still have on my desk.  but a few weeks ago she posted this story on her blog.  i absolutely love it: the illustrations, the colors, the story, the cuteness, all of it.  so, with her permission, here it is on sheep go to heaven.



Jaime said...

Ah ha ha HA!

What's super brilliant is I'm writing this from my new phone!!!

Anonymous said...



emms _b said...

Ohhhh... *blushing*

The Former 786 said...

Ha! I didn't see that twist ending coming. Genius!

This should seriously be a published short story.

Brooke said...

Oh how I love that Emily!!! :) Seriously good!!