Thursday, April 07, 2011

lotso learning

one of the things i remember  commenting on after first seeing toy story 3 was how cool lotso the bear's fur looked: it just looked perfect, like a tattered and worn and dirtied old toy.

today i had the chance to meet and talk with the guy who did that.  it was pretty cool to see his process in tackling that challenge.  and just to get some more insights into working in the industry.

i seem to remember having more to say about this when i was thinking about this post half an hour ago.

i'm pretty stoked that the conference talks are online now, too.


Em said...

I have that same thought after about the first 5 sentences of every post I write. Sometimes your mental energy is just so spent that you can't quite articulate all the detail and meaning in your experiences. They just come out short and blatant and Hemingway-like.
I'm learning that life's only going to move faster, and if I don't reconcile myself to my imperfect ability to record experiences, they're just going to disappear into the fog that is my memory.

And it's become a game for me to see how quickly the conference podcasts get updated after each conference. It was about a 12-18 hour turnaround this time.

The Former 786 said...

Wait, it was just one guy that did it? I thought teams of people animated the characters.