Sunday, April 03, 2011

something for everyone (and plenty for me!)

this weekend has been phenomenal.  yes, it would have been great to be at temple square for conference but, watching it online, i was still able to listen to some incredible talks that have left me refreshed and recommitted in faith and hope.

the talks that especially stood out to me (i had initially hoped to have a short list of just three or four, but i can't really list any of these as anything less than "words given for me"):

and i found elder holland's talk to be rather unique in a way i can't quite describe, but i loved it just the same.

i'm already anticipating reading them and listening to them again.

bring on the next six months.  : D

jacob 3:1-2


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kwistin said...

yes! Yes! YES!!!

i especially love this post contrasted with the one before it.

so very wonderful.

and another perfect post.

The Former 786 said...

I need to read the talks again. I wasn't in the right mindset this weekend and I only got the bare minimum spirituality.

Thank heaven (literally) for the internet and the Ensign!