Sunday, April 10, 2011

twelve keys

despite the numerology inherent in the title, this is not about the priesthood.  at least, not directly.
we had a fireside tonight, given by the patriarch of the waco stake and his wife.  on the chalkboard in front was written "twelve keys to lives of hope and peace."  i was expecting them to list nice and simple answers, the kind of things we usually see in lists like that.  ....and i guess they did, although the answers were actually really profound and helpful.  so i'ma post them here for you to read.
i also noticed that they really did team teach; he and his wife were balanced in taking turns teaching.  it was really cool.  (future wife, we're so doing that....)

::twelve keys to lives of hope and peace::

  1. live a simple life (don't follow the world's trend of being overly busy)
  2. spend less than you earn (put away some for a hard time, because hard times will come)
  3. think constructively
  4. develop a yielding disposition
  5. be grateful (especially towards Heavenly Father)
  6. give generously (be wise and within your means)
  7. rule your moods
  8. work with the right motive (the highest purpose of our life should be to grow spiritually)
  9. be interested in other (peace and happiness will be natural byproducts)
  10. have a hobby (this can help deal with stress)
  11. live one day at a time (don't wait until things get easier to be happy)
  12. keep close to the Lord (strengthen your testimony)
pretty cool stuff.
plus, we got strawberry shortcake afterwards.


Natalie said...

Cool. Thanks for sharing.

The Former 786 said...

1, 7 and 11. Those are the ones that jumped out at me. I think I know what I need to work on.

Word verification: antnests.

Em said...

You were in the right place. Love.