Monday, April 11, 2011

get me some scriptures!

many springs ago i took a "religions of the world" class at byu.  i think i ended up dropping it, because i can't remember how it ended....  anyway, on a wall in the classroom was a picture of a man perishing in the desert.  on the picture, someone had drawn a word balloon and had him saying, "scriptures.... please! i need some scriptures...."  i really liked that perspective of seeing the scriptures as that important in our lives.

like everyone, there are some aspects of the gospel i'm good at and some that i'm working to improve on.  scripture study is one that i got into during my mission and never really got out of.  i hit it hard when i graduated from college and suddenly had a lot of free time as i was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.  and, as life would get busy and i would long hours on movie sets, i would often listen to the general conference cds in my car, as that was really the only time i had.

grad school has been like that, too, only more relentless.  and as i've become busier, many days my scripture study time has been reduced to a talk or two that i've listened to in the 7-minute drive to and from school late at night.  some days, it's only been a few verses as i've remembered before going to bed.  this certainly isn't ideal. but it hasn't bothered me too much; i'm doing what i can and know that that's my best.

but thursday was an particularly frustrating and discouraging day for not particular reason.  but i found myself home at a decent hour and took time to have a proper scripture study.  i sat down and read from the book of mormon and then revisited one of my favorite talks from last weekend.

dang it felt good!

sometimes we don't have time to eat a full meal.  we just grab a quick snack as we're running out the door.  there's nothing wrong with that; it's simply how things go sometimes.  but whether it's our fault or not, we're still not getting very much nutrition.  whether we're super busy or not, if we're not sitting down to a good and balanced meal, we're not getting what we need.

as i was working on a personal project on my computer that evening before going to bed at a respectable hour, i realized i felt calm and at peace.  it was incredible and really awesome and suddenly the mound of schoolwork looming in front of me seemed like something i could conquer and proclaim in my name.

scriptures are awesome.
seriously dang awesome.


Jaime said...

you are a great example. i have nevber been good in this area... but i would like to be. i shall start, today!

The Former 786 said...

A very good analogy. I notice that if I eat nothing but snacks (like when I'm traveling on a plane), it's satisfying for the moment, but after a prolonged time, I start to feel blah.

It's the same with scripture study. I need to dig deep every now and then or I just start to feel blah.