Friday, May 06, 2011

an audience

i've been thinking about the theatre some lately.
the bohemian romance of it all, the devotion, the passion, the madness that surrounds it; the thrill and rush and surge of a live performance.
sometimes i find myself wondering if i took the safe and boring road, trading things like that for job security, insurance benefits, and more time with my elusive future family.

tonight was "viza-go-go", the a&m viz department's version of "final cut" for all you byu alumnuses out there (hmmm, the computer didn't get mad at me for saying "alumnuses."  interesting....)  i wasn't sure what to expect, since at final cut we were at least watching (attempts at) movies with stories; i wondered how much of this would just be technical achievements of texturing or effects.  and there was some, but overall it was pretty interesting, even for my non-industry date.

my "how to float" video was selected to play.  as i've said before, i never gave much thought to it once i moved on to the next project, and so i was surprised when so many people told me they liked it at our fall show.  and i was a little pleased to see that it played at tonight's show near the end (which is kind of sort of reserved for the better works, although they may have put it there so that it could be the dud surrounded by plenty of good stuff....)
for what it is, it's something i'm happy with.

more than that, though, it was fun to sit in that audience, surrounded by the unknown general public and to see them laugh at the little video that i made last fall.

for a moment, i got to perform again.


Em said...

I, for one, am prepared to vouch that there is nothing safe or boring about the safe and boring road. It tends to be the route where you take more emotional risks and become more intimately engaged with your real life than the version of life where you're showered with short-term gratification and can rely on your merit with your fellow men for your guage of success rather than your relationship with family or God.

It's surely not emotionally safe, it's the route where your heart expands in rather painful and uncomfortable ways, often breaking. And it's not boring, because everything about life means more when it's for the right reasons.

Em said...

"gauge".... sometimes my fingers are faster than my brain.

Anonymous said...

you are awesome! :D


Nana Layne said...

Outstanding in your field!!
I love it.

Hannah and Chris said...

I'm glad I got to see one of your creations!

kwistin said...

i totally hear ya.

being around so many 'performers' lately, i really REALLY miss that feeling. like you, though, sometimes i find it in places that i wasn't looking…when i catch someone watching me draw, when i got to teach, the rare art show…

but still….

…i'm glad you got the chance. : )

The Former 786 said...

This post made me miss the theater. I need to get back into real performing.

Also, I love How To Float. Great stuff!