Sunday, May 15, 2011

let's play hungry hungry hippos instead

five or six weeks ago i planned a trip to utah for the break time between semesters.  as the trip was getting closer i began to wonder i was overzealous in staying for eight days, if that would leave me sitting around bored for a lot of the time.  but so far it's been a good balance between having plenty to do and also having enough down time to relax, unwind, think, ponder, and work on some pre-visualization for our summer course.

it's strange driving around provo.  i moved away nearly nine months ago and yet it feels so natural to be home, almost as if i hadn't left at all.

i'm also not as good of a dancer as i thought, but i did learn a few new moves tonight.  still need plenty of practice, though.

like i'd never left.

(i tried some new cologne while browsing at bath and bodyworks tonight and sitting here now all i can think is dang, i smell good.)


kwistin said...

love the pictures. every last one of 'em.

i'm glad you've taken eight days to be here. it's like the good ol' days. but with chocolate. : )

Sariah said...

Are you kidding me, more like ONLY 8 days! Why not make it 365 or 368.. Or 492? Seriously! And we look pretty cool with our guns if I do say so.