Thursday, August 02, 2007

a bigger pond

today was the first of two prep days for salty pictures' new disney movie, 'minutemen'. yesterday was my one day off between movies. today was a good day. it's interesting going from the big guy on a small movie to the smaller guy on a bigger movie. there are definite advantages to both, and it's fun to move back and forth, to lead the group then to be the follower to the more experienced, having learned what i don't know then watching those who know more. the hours are rough, the work is inconsistent and unstable, yet there are some times when i really do love this filmmaking thing. 'high school musical' was on tv last night, so i recorded it and watched it tonight while doing the dishes. it was odd seeing the opening credits of the show: most of those names weren't just names, they were people who said 'hi' to me today as i was running around the office. the kids in the show were the same kids i saw last march, and i recognized the high school because i shot there. kind of neat, really.

driving home today, i came through a good strong rainstorm at the point of the mountain, and, coming into utah county, i saw the grandest and most complete rainbow i have perhaps ever seen. it was a full half circle, stretching entirely from one point on the ground to the other. in fact, i was surprised at how intriguing it was; captivating and peaceful. i almost crashed my car.

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i remember that rainbow.