Friday, August 17, 2007

my 28th birtday

i was out the door in a good time this morning. i should have planned ahead just a little better, though. mark's birthday was on sunday, and someone 'attacked' his car. the same thing happened to mine this morning. it was very cool, with crete paper streamers, ballons, and window writing [though the 'i'm legal' kind of confused me]. it evidently rained last night, because the streamers were soggied to the car. it took me a few minutes to clean all of this enough that i could drive to salt lake, but the thought was certainly worth it.

i wore my superman shirt [my personal way of declaring how awesome i was on this day] and labeled all of the mags in blue marker instead of my usual black. does this sound lame? it was just my secret little way of celebtrating.

starting at midnight last night, i recieved celebratory text messages from 13 different people and two singing voice mails [which i have decided to keep on my phone indefinitely]. jess wins the earlybird award with her text coming in at 12:00:21 a.m. her sister's actually came first, but it was disqualified for coming at 11:58 p.m.

i didn't mention anything about my birthday, but as the accountant was handing out our paychecks, she shouted happy birthday to me [she'd seen my hiring form and noticed it was the same as her sister's or something], and pretty soon the news had spread thoughtout the crew. all of the p.a.s wished me a happy birthday, as did the gaffer and several other people, so that by the time we were having our second meal it was announced over the radio by the camera crew. at the end of the day, when i called the producer with the day's report, he said he'd just heard and wished me a happy birthday.

it's been fun.

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Em said...

That is fun, but I like the idea of secretly celebrating the best.