Tuesday, August 07, 2007

75 phone calls at 75 mph

as a loader, i'm on the truck for a fair amount of time. and, being me, i like to keep the radio on. today i overheard something about a 'they might be giants' concert and perked up. the details were that it's a free concert with tickets to be given away only on by 101.9. i called my fellow tmbg fanatic who was working in the production office and told him the exciting news, and we agreed to do all that could to get tickets.
with a month on this movie, i should have enough chances to call in and win.

driving home today, the evening show had a contest to keep track of the five 'mash-ups' they played and if you could name them all, you had your choice of prizes, including a handful of tmbg tickets. keeping track of songs isn't too tricky, but when they're mash-ups [two songs that have been spliced into one another], you get some weirder titles. and trying to remember five of them while driving down I-15, well, i was earning this, that's for sure.

my phone said that it was my 75th attempt when i finally got through. by then parker the dj didn't even care if i knew the songs, he just offered me my choice of tickets to see 'bowling for soup', 'guster', or four free little ceasar's pizzas. i asked if there was anyway i could get a pair of they might be giants tickets. he said they had given away their quota for the day, but not to worry because they had 500 pair to give away from now until september 21. alright, i guess. i didn't really want to see 'bowling for soup', and winning some little ceasar's pizzas hardly seemed like a worthwhile radio prize, so i took the guster tickets for september 19, after making sure that i was still eligible to win the good tickets.

i don't even know who guster is...

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