Tuesday, August 14, 2007


recently, the great cinematographer haskel wexler made a documentary called 'who needs sleep?', looking at the strenuous hours put in by those in the film industry. i've heard it was inspired by the death of one of his 2nd a.c.s, who died in a car crash after falling asleep while driving home from a 19-hour day; i remember reading about that, actually.
i've learned three important rules to working happily in the film industry. 1. when you are on a production, accept that that will be your life; do not try to do anything outside of that, and if you do happen to have an hour or two of free time, consider yourself lucky. you will have plenty of time when the production wraps. 2. work until they call wrap. do not hope you are done by 8:00, do not get upset if they add another shot or if they go past 12 hours. work until you are done, and you will feel much better. 3. a good night's rest makes all the difference.

tonight i came home with plans to tidy up the house a bit then get to sleep [after a poorly managed night last night]. instead a friend came over and we talked until i kicked her out at midnight [she's still a cougar]. as important as sleep is, reminders of how wonderful it is to have friends can be an even bigger variable. i'll get five and a half hours of sleep tonight. and i don't regret it in the least. after days of profanity and cynical attitudes, i am more grateful for awesome people.

texting is a wonderful thing and a great way to get through the day.

who needs sleep?
cheers to you all.

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