Wednesday, August 15, 2007

who makes movies?

a few days ago i overheard someone talking about the 'high school musical 2' premiere in los angeles, where the executive producers congratulated themselves on the movie's success. it was noted that some of these people didn't seem to do anything.
who made high school musical 2?
andrew, the steadicam operator, who wore that heavy rig in the hot st. george sun and held the camera smooth and still.
barley, the cheerful dolly grip, moving and setting up the dolly and gliding the camera to make the shot.
garlan, the gaffer, who watches out for everyone and is like the grandpa on set.
fritz, the best boy electric, who lives by the philosophy that we're all making the same movie.
matt, the tattooed craft service guy, making sure that we've not only got water, but any treats we want.
delynn, the amazing transpo driver, who knows proves that there are no unimportant jobs on a set and who makes sure we can do our best.
and many more; these are the people who make 'high school musical 2'.

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Em said...

It must be fun to speak with such authority about something that so many people (quantity wise at least) care about right now.