Wednesday, August 08, 2007

learning to play sudoku

so today was a good day on set. plus, it's 'way-back wednesday' on 101.9, where they play nothing but classic 80's alternative from 10-6. i absolutely love it, and was dancing by myself in the truck to oingo boingo's greatly underrated 'not my slave'.

during the parker & wendy show, they had an interesting game for tmbg tickets: the sudoku challenge. at 3:00 they would give out the numbers for the first three rows. at 4:00 they would announce rows four through six, and at 5:00 they would give the final three rows. the first five people to get it right win tickets.

i don't know how to play sudoku, and until now, have never needed to know. but when an opportunity to see john and john is attached, game on. so i called beej and left a message, asking him to call me back as fast as possible. i called my brother who gave me the basic run-down as he understood it, and i called nathan in the production office, who didn't know but began polling people, trying to learn. no, it's not that complicated, and i mostly knew the rules anyway.
i couldn't go on to the website and print off my official sudoku square, but i found some scratch paper and drew my own. i made a mental note to make sure this didn't get in the way of my job, but managed to be in the truck at 3:00 and again at 4:00. during the waiting time, i went through and determined every possible number for each box, so that as the next set of numbers was announced, i could go and find the answers as quickly as possible. it was really quite fun.
five o'clock was coming around and i had every number assigned that i could, when a call came on the radio that both cameras needed to reload. plus, it was 'film break', meaning time to get all of the film ready to ship off for the lab. i was able to write down the last row of numbers, but never had a chance to find the answers.
i'm hoping that my dedication to putting my job first will win me some sort of karma points, redeemable before september 21.

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