Sunday, July 29, 2007

the pastrami cannon at the end of the week

call time was at 8:00 this morning. i left the location at midnight. but i felt good. the camera crew worked our tails off tonight, and once again, i am reminded how true it is that a main key to success is to surround yourself with good people. it was great having nathan around today, too, for so many reasons. jeremy is getting better at doing the slate and camera reports, steph brought in six plates of dinner on two tray for us as we were working on into the 14th hour; i got to camera operate for a fair amount of today, which was a lot of fun and a new experience; i confirmed a replacement for me when i leave on tuesday to go to a bigger show starting thursday; we were shooting water out of luke's hands this morning and pastrami and swedish fish and noodles out of a canon this evening onto a crowd of a couple hundred extras in a gym, plus a really cool camera-on-a-crane shot; at times, i felt like a bit of a hero, aptly running from one camera to the other, taking control and doing whatever needed to be done; that cute girl on the crew talked to me a bit and said that the camera crew did a great job today, after earlier telling me that she liked my hawaiian shirt that i wore yesterday for 'hawaiian shirt friday' [although it's a pretty awesome shirt--i think it's impossible not to like it. hooray for sisters]; though we worked for 16 hours, it was one of those days where i felt like i could go forever, never really getting tired, but just going until we were done; we got some cool slo-mo shots and realized what caused a very unfortunate problem on a shot last week [never will any of us make that mistake again]; today was our last day for our loader but he found us a new guy who seems to have the right mentality for the job, which is reassuring [you really don't know if the loader messes up until two days later, an obvious risk]; as i was leaving tonight, i passed our production manager, a friend of mine with whom our friendship has been pulled and strained as we've worked on different ends on this show at times, and she thanked me very much for my work today, which was quietly reassuring. it was a good day. i'm very happy for a sabbath day of rest tomorrow, and intend to read harry potter for a while.

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Em said...

You know, from where I am at right now, that sounds positively exhausting.
But then I think of it as doing all that while being responsible for 3 people, not just myself.
I guess that's it.