Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jesus He knows me

a few weeks ago i was watching 'rebel without a cause'. near the beginning, the students take a field trip to the local planetarium, and at one in the show the big bang is presented, with galaxy upon galaxy exploding into existance. this was one of those times when you step up to a further realization of something that you thought you understood before. watching all of those galaxies and the millions of stars and all that that incomprehensibly encompasses, i had an glimpse into how God looks over all of creation. He sees and knows all of those stars and their lives and understands the infinite expanse of the cosmos. yet every night when i kneel down to pray, He is available to hear my little excitements of my day at work or the concerns i may hold inside.

today became one of those days when i wondered if i had done any good, and God knew that i was wondering this. prayers are answered in many different ways, and very often, it's through other people. angels and voices would be more convenient at times, but that doesn't happen much. instead, it's that comment made by someone who isn't thinking much about it, but to the hearer, it's the beseeched answer. and when several of those pile up, it leaves very little room for skepticism.

we are not alone.

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Em said...

I'm keep learning (over and over, and then forgetting mostly) how good He is at what He does.