Saturday, July 14, 2007


about a week ago, our internet stopped working. i have no idea what's wrong with the blasted thing, but we can't connect to the world wide web in our house [hence i'm writing this on my computer's notepad, to be later published on the blog]. i called comcast on tuesday to set up an appointment. the soonest they could have someone out here was saturday. in this day and age, having the internet is not different from having running water. afterall, i've got a blog to maintain....
so we went through a long and arduous week, counting down the days. they called me this morning to confirm that the appointment was still needed and said that they'd be here within an hour.

we patiently waited.

at one point i ran out to my car and saw a comcast truck parked a few houses down. they were probably at another appointment and would come to our rescue shortly.

we waited some more.

after a bit i had a missed call on my phone. the voice mail was a courteous comcast employee, calling to say that they had come by but unfortunately missed us and hoped we could set up another appointment.


i called them back and, after pushing the correct series of buttons, waited on hold for five minutes to talk to a customer service rep. who knows what happened, but no one ever came to our door. nevertheless, we were out of luck, because their techs were booked up until wednesday, although they were happy to call me if another appointment cancelled.

the wednesday thing was pointless, because my movie started on monday, meaning that i would be working for the full time that they could potentially schedule me in.
i ended up calling comcast six more times today, getting a range of representatives, from genuinely helpful to genuinely apathetic, and even spoke with a manager who offered us a month's free service as an apology [editor's note: we still haven't seen this yet].

in short, i was in a salty mood by the end of the day.

but we did go see 'ratatouille', which was absolutely wonderful.

internet.... come back, internet....

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