Friday, July 13, 2007

thank you, visa

-standard size changing tent from camera essentials: $186
-color chart from fotokem: $32
-'fat max extreme' tape measure: $24.98
-1/4-20x2-1/2 flat head machine screws: $0.98
-other screws, washers, and bolts: $4.65
-8 digit calculator: $2.99
-memo size clipboard: $1.29
-22 range pocket multimeter: $29.99
-assorted bnc connectors: $17.47
-20" husky tool bag: $29.99
-metric and standard hex key set: $8.97
-8" flathead screwdriver: $7.99
-1 1/2" 'fat boy' screwdriver: $3.67
-rubberbands, three pencil pouches, sharpies, and a four pack of pilot g-2 pens: $15.25
-(first trip to wal-mart) trendy memo pad, stowaway container, 650 pc. zip tie set, electrical tape, more sharpies and g-2s, blue chalk, and ear plugs: $24.36
-(second trip to wal-mart) snack size ziploc baggies, batteries, hexbolts, 6" pliers, three more pencil pouches, storage pouch, scissors, pencil sharpener, hand sanitizer, two c-clamps: $29.92
-(third trip to wal-mart) 3x5 memo pad [not trendy], headlamp, small caribbeaner, travel pack of 'wet ones', yet another storage box, pocket size notebook: $26.72
-staedtler lumocolor wet-erase pens, not available at any other store in the provo-orem area except for the byu bookstore, the choice of fine a.c.s everywhere: $7.82

prepping for your first feature as a 1st a.c.: $455.04
knowing that if ye are prepared ye shall not fear: priceless

1 comment:

Em said...

Sometimes it's ridiculous the pay-cuts we give ourselves.
But it sounds like you regret none of it.