Wednesday, July 25, 2007

day 10

driving home down canyon road, i passed a pair of little girls with a lemonade stand by the side of the busy road, the more extroverted of the two still waving her poster board sign at cars at dusk. her advertising method left something to be desired, as she was waving her sign the other way while i was still approaching, yet her message was clear enough that i turned around and drove back, despite not knowing how much a glass was, or even what they were selling, come to think of it.
i bought two cups of lemonade for 25 cents each [one for my roommate] and, after asking if they accepted tips, gave them each another quarter.

today was a good day at work. monday and tuesday were quite rough, in part because our largely green crew was still learning how to work together, speaking both of my camera crew and of the general crew of the movie [features usually take a while to iron things out], and compounded by a couple of mistakes from our loader. last night he came to me and confessed that he had lost a roll of film. unexposed, thankfully, but nevertheless, that is not a good feeling. he and our 2nd a.c. and i looked everywhere in the room, checked every can, and went over every report and hypothesized every scenario, though he had already done that in earnest three times that day. finally we got on our knees and prayed together [though he had also already done that, too]. when we had done all we could, we left for the night; our loader was considering finding a replacement and resigning.
this morning i explained the news to the director of photography and later to the production manager, and they both took it as well as could be expected [which, for the record, certainly classifies as 'well']. walking down the hall to find the production manager, i was hoping that our prayer would be answered and that the roll would be found... somewhere, somehow. but it never was.
we worked hard today, and got a lot done. things went well, i think a lot of ryan's work looked very nice, the comradery amongst the crew was great, and everyone was in good spirits when wrap was called. as i was pushing our cart back to the camera room, ryan mentioned that he wanted to talk to the loader and ask him to stay on, which i thought was very good of him. after we had everything put away, i gave a short lesson on lenses and focus, and as i was leaving, ryan was coming in to talk with our guy.

the lemonade from those little girls really wasn't that good, but i'm a sucker for lemonade stands, which seemed nostalgicly out of date when i was doing them 17 years ago, yet still persist this day.

it is now 10:29 and i still have to read six and a half pages in exodus before i can even read harry potter for the evening [i should be in leviticus now, but i missed a few days last week].
just once i'd like to have jason call wrap, put away the camera, leave like a normal first a.c., and get home at 9:00 with 2+ hours to read harry potter 7.
maybe tomorrow.

but it was a good day, and i can't complain about that.

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