Friday, July 20, 2007

future ponderances

looking around the cafeteria, i'm watching the crew light the next setup; move the 12K over here, add some fill, then flag off the spill. i remember when our gaffer and d.p. were new students at school and i was teaching them how to set up lights, load the camera, and the like. i was their t.a. [i think] when they were in the intermediate production class, with tom russell keeping an eye on them as they shot their first movie.
how here we are, without any teachers looking out for us, working as professionals, using bigger cameras and bigger lights than anything we ever had at school.

watching my friends, i also wonder where we will be in 15 years. who will be working here in utah, who will be running their own companies, who will have gone to l.a., and who will get out and get a real job.

i like this crew.

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