Sunday, July 02, 2006


i used to love macy's buttermilk bread. it was so light and fluffy.
then one night i was shopping with my sister, who was spouting knowledge from her nutrition class; she told me about the glories of whole wheat bread and how good it is for you. but make sure you get 'whole wheat flour'. the 'enriched wheat flour' is just lacking all around.
[i recommend 'grandma sycamore's' whole wheat bread]

i didn't notice much of a difference outside of the expected changes when switching bread sources.
but, when i one day had a sandwich made from the former white bread, i couldn't believe i used to eat the stuff. there was no substance to it; it was all fluffiness! then did i realize how much more nutrition was in grandma sycamore's whole wheat bread.

last saturday night i was on a date with a girl recently back from her mission. she commented on how she went to 'lagoon', and while it was indeed a heck of a lot of fun with her friend, that was really nothing when compared with the fun and joy of missionary work.

i thought about that as she talked excitedly of the work [see jacob 4:18] and knew i knew what she was talking about, and had felt that joy recently myself, but it took me a few moments to remember where it had come from, as it's been a few years since i was in the field.

i heard a quote attributed to harold b. lee, saying, 'missionary work is just hometeaching to those who haven't yet been baptized, and hometeaching is just missionary work to those who are members of the Church.'

and so it is.

that is why i love sundays so much.

i've had a wonderfully ecclectic week; two days on a fun commercial, two days to ship my sister off to africa and take care of some of the necessities of life [still didn't make even half of my week's goals....], and two days having an absolute blast at the stadium of fire. and while it is good and worthy work and really quite enjoyable, it does not carry with it the depth of joy and fulfillment that comes from Church service.

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