Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i like

i like being clean shaven and playing softball, despite our team, the 'prancing gazelle', losing once again and needing some serious practice on catching.

i like talking with the amazing phil in the outfield and making a nice play.

[i would like to think that i am the first person in the church to extend a calling in the outfield during the middle of a softball game]

i like playing monopoly.

i like watching mark hold his kit kat like a cigar as he collects more money from the rest of us.
and i really like watching corinne take $1400 from him for landing on boardwalk and then the timer going off, so that mark loses the game by that exact amount.

[i had over half of my properties mortgaged and almost no money, but i just like playing with my 'new' monopoly set that i got for Christmas.]

post script:: a few days ago, i noticed the gold record from oingo boingo's 'dead man's party' album up for auction on ebay. the $150 starting price was steep, but as i've thought about it, that would be really cool to have. and no one had bid on it for days, so i made up my mind to make it mine. i came to the library this morning and dismayedly found it to be past $250.
i was sad.

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