Sunday, July 09, 2006

anger management

i'm in the lobby at church today before our ward began, working on my lesson about journals, their importance and coolness. it's really a fascinating and exciting lesson, with president woodruff talking about how the events of our life seem mundane now, but if we will write them down, they will become valuable to us and even moreso to our children and future descendants. i especially loved how he counselled to write down God's dealings with us--while it is so easy to think that most days of life are mundane, if we but open up our eager eyes and see things like he does, we will see the revelations that the Lord gives us each day. to me, this was invigorating, reminding me of the grandeur of all that we do and what we can do.

behind me i could i hear some people talking. while i didn't see them, it sounded like two girls and a guy, carrying on a conversation that was apparently existing only as a reason to avoid going to sunday school in the room next to them, casually talking about what japanese restaurants they liked.
and this really bothered me.

church is wonderful. there is so much to learn each week, and if people will come ready to learn, willing to hear what is said and to take it into their lives, we can learn so much more. instead, there are people who just come and treat it like a hangout, a place to talk to girls because sunday school is kind of boring.
that sort of attitude is immature and irritated me.

thank you for listening.


Em said...

You know, after 2 1/2 years of teaching primary every week, I would get so jealous of my husband when he'd start talking about the cool sunday school lessons he'd had. (Primary is cool too, don't get me wrong... but there's a big difference between wrangling kids for 2 hours and maybe getting to the end of an old testament story in its basest form and sitting very still and listening to a well-prepared lesson and the adult discussion that follows.)

I finally got released and I'm hoping I don't have a baby until after Sunday so I can go to at least 1 week of Sunday school!

(So yeah - I totally agree with you)

Beej said...

As a former Sunday School Prez let me "Amen" to that. Sunday School rocks!