Friday, July 21, 2006

potential rare cow sighting

i like road trips.
we met some nice people who gave directions when we were unsure which way to go [from wenatchee to the tri-cities, of which i had heard so much but never visited, is a beast. but once you hit kennewick, it's 500 miles on that road and you're home].
we listened to every they might be giants cd in chronological order as we sang along and discussed what each song could mean. quite enlightening.

but the coolest thing was that i think i saw three dutch belted cows. now, most of you didn't know me before i came to utah, but back in the day, i was a pretty big cow fan.
i still like cows.

i think they're great.
they are calm and just happy to be out there, being a cow.
'moo' is fun to say and is fun to hear a cow say.

gary larson has made us laugh at bovines perhaps more than any other subject, and observed that even the word 'cow' is slightly funny sounding.

needless to say, getting to milk a cow at the minnesota state fair was a treasured memory.

and so one year for Christmas, my best friend got me 'a field guide to cows'. absolutely fascinating. it went through every breed of cow and discussed all about them. i loved it and have it with me out here.

while holsteins are the great iconic cow, the dutch belted cow is my personal favorite; a black [or sometimes, red] body with a broad white stripe around its body. a beautiful cow.
what made seeing them so cool [assuming i was right in identifying them from our speeding car] is that, last i knew, there were less than 50 registered in the u.s.

yes, they are more abundant in the netherlands.

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