Thursday, July 20, 2006

smells like nirvana

as we were leaving our little continental breakfast in the small lobby of the 'econo lodge' this morning [me with my chocolate muffin], a man walked in to the desk and said that his wife checked in here last night and paid for a single room while he was in the hospital, but that he got out early and spent the night here and now wanted to pay for the use of a double room.
it was really cool to see honest people like that.

we saw all that we needed to in leavinworth yesterday--can it substitute for an austrian town for our upcoming movie? far from an ideal location, but we can make it work, especially with shallow focus and avoiding showing the cars and the wide streets--and so we decided to spend today in seattle.

i think i took 250+ pictures and have decided that i should buy my own digital camera so i can stop borrowing [maybe i'll put them up on tim's website...].

in a karma way of making up for missing the tokyo tsukiji fish market, we saw the pike's place fish market, where really cool guys cheer and yell and really throw the fish you buy.
delicious fresh sushi and peaches [we think...] from a farmer's market for lunch.

the 'experience music project' cost more than our budget allowed, but the science fiction museum fit. cool? yeah, i suppose. worth it? not really, because it was $14 for two small floors of memorabilia. granted, i got to see darth vader's lightsaber from 'empire strikes back', which is something i've wanted to see for many years, the 'pit bull' hoverboard from 'back to the future II' [really not that impressive--i could build one], the t-1000's pointy fingure from T2, and the only full 3-D model of the death star from 'star wars'.
strangely, there was nothing from '2001'. sad.

outside the museum was a dancing robot--and by that i mean a dude in cardboard, red lightbulbs, and laundry dryer hose, dancing to kraftwerk's 'computer love' [in rather lackluster fashion] with a sign reading 'earth dollars needed for space fuel to get to st. louis'.
i gave him a dollar for a picture.
he beeped.
i beeped.

coming out of the museum, it looked like there was a girl inside the costume. she wasn't much of a dancer either.

the space needle was really rather rad.
fun. cool. neat.
we made reservations to come back and eat at the revolving restaurant.
and we could see the house boat from 'sleepless in seattle' [and by 'see' i mean we couldn't see it but we could see the area that it's in].

seattle is a nice city. very rich in fun culture, there are roughly one billion dining establishments of all cousines in the downtown area that i would like to try. complemented with all varieties of architecture from the last 100 years or so and a great warf with obsenely large boats, it's a fun fun place to run around and take pictures.
hopefully i'll have a few worth printing and hanging around the home.

the sky city restaurant was pricey but worth every penny. the structure does not rotate, just the floor [makes the most sense, really...], with one revolution being 47 minutes. i dined on fancy and delicious seafood that is best eaten slowly, so as to savor each delicate flavor [make sure to allow adequate tasting time for each item, be it shrimp, scallop, salmon, or ahi tuna--taking two different bites too close together can bring taste confusion and sadness].

our drive home took an hour less than did going there because we took the shorter route.
we talked about bigfoot, sasquatch, the yeti, and the abominable snowman.
interesting how bigfoot and vampires are two myths that exist in many cultures around the world.

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