Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the camera that keeps on giving

on three and half hours of sleep, the drive out to wenatchee, washington, went rather quickly, the time being occupied by several they might be giants cds and lenghtly discussions on movies, the 'r-rated' debate, and theories of film viewership.

as we were pulling in to town [we're out here scouting for a movie slated to be shot later this year in the nearby town of leavenworth, a swiss-style village about 45 minutes from here], my brother ['captain amazing'] called. this is somewhat uncommon occurance, but not as unexpected as what he told me.

now, remember that time when we went to japan a few months ago? well, before we went, captain amazing goes out and buys a point-n-shoot digital camera at best buy for the trip [he earns money by volunteering for medical research experiments, and this is where it goes....].
i would have liked to have a digital camera, but i'm a cinematographer; i shoot film.

we got to japan.
tim shoots a lot.
i shoot a lot.
we come back.
dad e-mails me a shot of tim's, telling me that he has a lot of really good pictures, and that he put on of them on his computer.
i spend $80 for developing at wal-mart and get maybe a dozen that i'm happy with.

today captain amazing calls and says that he has his pictures up on his website [check it out here; i didn't even know about it, but it looks like a sort of 'myspace' for nerd-kids] and that some dude in canada wants to buy one of his pictures and use it in a brochure publication, and tim wants to know what to do.

that is really, really cool.

i do take come consolation remembering that one of my friends put up one of my pictures on her computer's wallpaper.

well, i did get some good pictures of tim there.

post script: the new tgs had me laughing in the econo lodge lobby.

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L'Afro said...

Dear, dear, dear Jeff. I have only two things to say.

One, Captain Awesome is the spitting image of you.

Two, the new TGS was so packed full of goodies I literally had randomness oozing out my ears. And I laughed my guts out on top of that.

...let's just say it was a pretty hairy experience.