Wednesday, July 26, 2006

prancing with dignity

the memories will keep us together.

with a perfect goose egg of wins for the regular season, the 'prancing gazelle' of the byu 223rd ward played our first game of the tournament last night. while regular games were matched up by no apparent order, we were now placed against a team of like ability. sure, they were mostly married grad students, but we feared them not.
the game started off with a jolt of promise, for, at the end of the first inning, we were ahead [for the first time in the season]. sadly, a missed catch here, an overthrown pass there, and a strong defence by the nameless married-grads pushed us back over the course of the hour-long game.

our friends came and cheered us on as we ran as fast as we could and made some nice plays, and the final hit came from phil, our amazing captain, who cracked the ball so far into the outfield that it was called an 'out', and with it went the 'prancing gazelle' from the tournament.

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