Wednesday, March 07, 2012

my resolution

one of the unique aspects of the dark knight is that major action sequences were filmed in IMAX, which is 70mm film run sideways through a camera, as opposed to the standard 35mm. it helped create a much more impressive and immersive experience, particularly if you saw the film in an IMAX theater. the technique has since been employed on inception and mission:impossible- ghost protocol. i was lucky to see both of those in IMAX and yeah, it was pretty dang.

describing their reasoning behind this, wall pfister, asc, told american cinematographer magazine,

“It’s ironic,” muses the cinematographer, “because many filmmakers are trying out digital cameras that actually capture less resolution and information, and we’re going in the opposite direction, upping the ante by capturing images with unparalleled resolution and clarity.”

so, yeah.
why would you go for less resolution when you can go in the opposite direction?


kwistin said...

less resolution = maybe less work? i dunno what the equivalent of "rending" is in movies....
less resolution = less risk.
less resolution = mistakes show up smaller.

but the thing is, when you show it on a giant imax screen, the overall quality just isn't as good. and it could have been. so all that work...could have been magnified into something beautiful. yeah, mistakes will show up in hi-def, but so will all the glorious beauties of the film. and it takes both to make it real.

so...yeah. more resolution.


The Former 786 said...

I've often debated whether seeing a movie in IMAX is worth the extra $$$. Almost thou persuaded me. . .