Thursday, March 15, 2012

the stars at night are big and bright

apparently tonight is the best night
in years to see them together
i've been reading pages upon pages of heavy critical art theory for the last several hours and needed a break away from my computer and so decided to take a walk.

it was awesome.
just being outside, walking around my neighborhood felt great.
i've determined that, on an average day at school,  i spend between 45 minutes to an hour walking, but that's always with a destination, a deadline. to just be able to walk and not really think about anything particular was refreshing and soothing. so much so that i think i might make it a habit each day when i come home from school.

naturally, i found myself looking up at the stars and found myself wondering why jupiter and that other planet were so close together. then i found myself even wondering what that other planet was. and wondering if that red one that i thought was mars actually was mars. and then i remembered the google sky map app on my phone.
soon, i found myself grinning with delight in the dark as i was able to move my phone across the sky and immediately know every constellation above me. (that "other planet" was venus, by the way. duh.)
so, it seems that it might be time for an astronomy date again.

i also saw a shooting star.
and made a wish.


kwistin said...

sometimes, taking a walk is even better than sitting on a park bench.

ei blot til lyst

Mark A. said...