Tuesday, March 27, 2012


on my phone i've started keeping notes of things i want to write about. thoughts, observations, stories, lessons, experiences, commentaries, opinions and whimsies. usually i'll just write the title (which usually comes as early as the idea itself) and a few lines of my idea and that's enough for me to go on when i sit down to write.

as i turn my head to notice that another month is fast away passing, i took a moment to go through and count how many unpublished ideas i've jotted down.

51. i have fifty-one different notes about things that i want to write about. some of them have lost their potency to one degree or another (they date back to 2011) and others are still fresh and interesting to me. and i was able to remember what each one was about, and often where i was and what i was thinking when i wrote it down.

i like writing. i love my little blog. i try to get at least ten posts a month and i smile when i see that i've been prolific enough some months to get 20+ posts. most days and weeks, though, life moves faster than my fingers on the keyboard can.

it's a little frustrating, because even if i wrote them all out today and let sheep go to heaven run on autopilot until the end of may, i'd likely come up with other things to write about that couple of months. so, many of them will likely never see their realization. 
i'll just think of it as a kind of sorting process, that time will let the duds fade and the gems will still shine with interest.

this isn't even one of the fifty-one.


Natalie said...

My recommendation (since you were looking for it) is that the staff at sheep go to heaven should hire a few garden gnomes to help you out. They could tap your brain in your sleep and then write it all for you.

--jeff * said...

we currently have a couple of garden gnomes working in our mail room.

i'm not sure how i'd feel about them working in neural extraction.
but i'll bring it before the board to see what they think.

Anonymous said...

Impressive to say the least, but the dialogue in the comments section made me laugh, and that's a great way to start my day! Thanks, Sheep Go to Heaven.

:D layne

kwistin said...

i dunno why, but i just really really like this post a lot.

okay, so now i'm thinking of why i do like it. i guess it kind of breaks the fourth wall of sorts. as writers, we rarely write about the process of writing. it is inherent to us, but it is a process nonetheless. and i like that you have explained this to us.

i think your plan is a good one: i'll just think of it as a kind of sorting process, that time will let the duds fade and the gems will still shine with interest.

and i think i will adopt that as well.

5 ploxy points to you, other multiple of eight.