Thursday, March 22, 2012

while you were sleeping

as seems to happen roughly every two weeks this semester, i was at school all night last night. didn't leave at all. i went to the lab after work and didn't leave until it was time to go back to work this afternoon.
that being said, it wasn't too bad. i kept in good spirits (even if i got quieter as the night wore on), the computer generally cooperated in producing the results i was going for, and i had a finished piece around 6 a.m., giving me some time to experiment with some other ideas (they didn't work out.)

i've felt like i've been lagging behind in this class, and while i'm upset with myself for once again rushing to finish it at the last minute, i'm happy with today assignment. this week's work revolved around reflections, the most difficult of which was to produce caustics, the concentrated areas of light when it bounces of a curved and shiny surface. 

despite feeling very vulnerable in showing a work that isn't at a point that i would proudly put it on a demo reel, i figure i'll share it here and resist any urge to apologize for its shortcomings. (you can check out my sweet, sweet caustics on the elephant, however.)


kwistin said...

if it makes you feel any better, i have virtually nothing to show for this semester. so i guess school and art ebbs and flows and there are both good and bad things about working a TON of hours all at once, and taking it [almost too] easy. there's gotta be some middleground.

if you find it, please draw a map for me so i can be as fortunate.

ok, you've GOT to tell me how you did that rendering. it's far beyond my scope of abilities. and yeah, awesome caustics.

ps, clever title. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the elephant! in the room..