Saturday, November 01, 2008

jaime's tag: six lesser-known things about me

jaime tagged me a few weeks ago, and now my sister's already tagged me with another one.

1. since living with my brother, i have purchased a snowboard, a tennis racquet, hiking boots, rock band, an r.e.i. membership, a wii video game, and i cook more, too. (he brought me some fried potatoes as i type this--they're amazing) 

2. i'm a contributing member of classical 89. the pledgeline number is 800.321.8911, but i was evidently not the first to mistakenly dial 801. the law firm receptionist on the other end was polite, but i suspect that their fundraiser week is a nightmare for her.

3. stick shifts and safety belts: i never learned how to drive a stick shift until i moved out to utah and my grandma gifted me a 1986 ford bronco II.  even after a few hours in a church parking lot with a very patient stake patriarch, i was still very inept at it.  the drive from his house to my apartment seemed very long and the roads very steep as i wondered why i had to learn out in utah.  the car continued to stay in my parking lot, driven only when i made my roommate drive, until one sunday morning when i had to be to church early and had to face the beast.
now, if ever given the choice, i will always take the stick.
i'm also very good about wearing my seat belt.  if i'm in the car and moving at all, it's on; it's simply a reflex.

4. punctuation: i'm very picky about punctuation.  i never actively studied it, though i suppose we learned it on school.  but it's stuck with me.  and i love it.  punctuation is like the string on a kite or the commandments of God: it's not restricting, but liberating. apostrophes, commas, semi-colons (love semi-colons!), hyphens and dashes: they give life to writing and add nuance to words like salt in cooking.  and i still remember the night that the chris introduced me to the joys of a dash.
as for capitalization, i love to use it in formal settings.  but with my friends and my blog, i am casual.

5. i've never had an energy drink of any sort, and never intend to.  i don't think that anything that does that can be wholly good for me.
6. i don't have (and never have had) either a myspace page or a facebook page.  myspace was all the rage for a while, then suddenly everyone jumped over to facebook.  and now everyone except me and my sister are there.
why don't i do it?  i've got nothing against it.  i occasionally feel a little backwards when everyone else is talking about what's on their facebook pages; i could connect with old mission friends and high school pals; i could put a link to my blog (which i do love).
so why not?  well, for one, i don't need another reason to spend more time on the internet with more things to keep up on.  but i think the main reason is simply, "i don't want to."  in a small way, it's akin to having a wood-burning stove in the midst of electric ovens; there's a little "walden" part of me that likes not being on one more techno-trend.  i've got my itunes, my blog, my e-mail, my ipod, my amazon account, and internet tags.  i think i'm good.

i tag em, kristin, jack, and brady.

and laurie jayne's husband, adam, if he ever gets out this way.

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Leith said...

I feel like I've just gotten to know a whole new Jefferson. Mack is very impressed that you like punctuation, and I am impressed by everything else. Its good to know you Jeffy G.