Sunday, November 16, 2008

nov. 11: notes

i forgot the keys to the camera truck this morning.
luckily, i was only half-way to set when i realized this.
thankfully, it didn't cause any delay with the show, and the cinematographer and sound guy were in a shouting match before we were even needed, anyway.

the second day is harder than the first.  i don't remember the last time i was this tired on a show.  that's partly because i haven't done a show this big with this small of budget in a while; small shows knowing they're small shows are fine.  it's the little ones that try to be big shows that wear you out.  it feels like the second week.
still, things are good.  i like driving the camera truck down the street while i've got the dropkick murphy's' "shipping up to boston" playing on my ipod; it just sounds right.
the house we were shooting in was probably 80 years old and was scheduled to be torn down today; the locations manager was able to convince them to push it back to tomorrow.  so we'd better get the shots we need tonight.
tim and i decided not to go to l.a. for thanksgiving, but i did get offered a good job right around the time that brady and i were going to drive home for Christmas; why do things always overlap?
i made myself a hot chocolate during some down time, and added a little powdered irish creme.  and some more.  and a little more.  then it was too much.
the day ended in a whirlwind, with us racing to get some shots and me being right in the middle of it all.  i was calling for lens, grabbing focus, and making sure everything was in order and prepared so fast that i would've been dizzy had the adrenaline stopped.
and once they called wrap, it did.
i was wiped out.  and oh so grateful for my electric blanket.

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kwistin said...

i especially like this post. your train of thought mirrors your frenzied day.

some days are just like that; it's all we can do just to get through and all we're left with is the single grateful thought of our electric blanket (or in my case, our fuzzy green blanket).

i'm glad you made it. :)