Sunday, November 16, 2008

the horrorshow diaries, vol. I of II

i'm on an 11-day pg-13 horror movie. we're off to california until next sunday. i like to think that a film set is rife with good stories and bemused musings. and i do, in fact, compose a fair amount of essays in my head as i'm working. but keeping that spirit is one thing, and even with notes, it's hard to write with any degree of panache after a long day of long weeks. i'm really saddened when i have a good idea, but when i'm finally able to write, the spark is gone. i believe that these posts could have been really pretty good. but i don't think they quite achieved it.


Em said...

That's rather how I feel every time I get myself straightened out to blog. I can't quite capture all the brilliant, deep, deeply funny things that were floating in my head. (Sometimes just moments before).
It's still worth posting imperfections though.
You just reminded me how exhausting my "interesting" life was. And once it was all over, and I was emotionally drained from trying to do impossible things to please people, it all mattered very little to anybody.

I don't miss it very deeply, do I?

Leith said...

I hear you on this one. Deep down I know there is a funny blog post or a comment, but when it comes to actually letting it have a voice, it just come across so blah. Is it because we've set our standards too high because we're creatives? Perhaps so. I'm my own worst critic, even on my journal entries.