Saturday, November 29, 2008

"the little lights aren't twinkling..."

i'd like to do this with my place next year.
obviously, my house isn't as big, so i'd scale it down accordingly.
and i'd replace the "amazing grace" part with something by nat king cole.
perhaps i could have different music and light choreography every 15 minutes, like the bellagio fountains.
at any rate, i've got a year to think about it.


Becky said...

I think you should do it

kwistin said...

i want a dancing house too.

i think you should do this to your front porch and surrounding lawn at least. maybe some on the inside, too. or just take over the neighbor's lawn and porch. i'm sure they wouldn't mind.

i know i wouldn't.

Em said...

There's a whole street up in Roy/Hooper, UT that does this every year, and they broadcast a radio station for the corresponding music. And there's a huge one in Murray as well. The Murray one has a website:

Granted, they aren't generally classy enough to stick to the white lights......

Jaime said...

you have intense ambitions... but, i know you can do it!

~Bekahjo said...

You might want to get started hanging lights now. It may take that long to figure out how to get it all plugged in.