Thursday, November 20, 2008

if you ask me

the five greatest silent films
1. sunrise
2. the general
3. napoleon
4. battleship potempkin
5. metropolis

the ten greatest films
1. citizen kane
2. 2001
3. the seventh seal
4. the rules of the game
5. fanny and alexander
6. sunrise
7. rashomon
8. the general
9. singin in the rain
10. pulp fiction

my personal top 10
1. fanny and alexander
2. the lion king
3. 2001
4. bill & ted's excellent adventure
5. singin' in the rain
6. the royal tenenbaums
7. amelie
8. the rules of the game
9. the general
10. wall.e


kwistin said...

Apparently I need to be educated. :)

So you know, I'm still awaiting instruction regarding your previous posts.

The Former 786 said...

Rules of the Game? Seriously? I have issues with movies that are being written as they're being filmed!

Battleship Potempkin I understand because of it's cultural significance, but I really have a distaste for Russian silent films.

The rest aren't bad choices, Jeff. You've inspired me. Maybe I should do a post like this on my blog. . .

Leith said...

I'm glad that The General made it onto all three of your lists. I do so love that movie. Good Old Buster Keaton, now there was a man who understood comedy.